Who We Are

Balamore Farm has a rich history in a farming, fishing, ship building community. While the fishing and ship building have long since ceased, farming is still a major industry in and around Great Village. The Atlantic Ocean Gulf stream brings warm water towards Nova Scotia and directly affects the temperatures on land. These warm winds, along with fertile soils, are a great boost to the growth and survivability of plants grown here.

Owned and operated by the Cooper Family, Joe and Carolyn along with their three sons continue the strong family tradition of hard work and attention to detail. They acknowledge that they are fortunate to have a dedicated and hardworking staff to support them in their commitment to providing their customers with high quality products and excellent service.

Come Visit Us

Great Village is a picturesque community of 500 residents located an hour and a half from Halifax on the beautiful Bay of Fundy, home of the highest tides in the world.  During the late 1600’s and 1700’s, French Acadians dyked the tidal marshes and farmed this area. Remnants of the original dykes can still be found. During the 1800’s it was a shipbuilding community and many of the historic homes here were built during that time. The scenery this coast is wonderful and attracts many visitors each year.

Interesting Facts

The average tide range is 12 meters (39 feet) and can reach 16 meters (52 feet) at high tides. The primary cause of the immense tides is a resonance of the Bay of Fundy and Gulf of Maine system. The system is effectively bounded at its outer edge by the continental shelf with an approximate 40:1 increase in depth from outer to inner points of the Bay. The high tides happen every 12 hours and 25 minutes because of the changing position of the Moon in its orbit around the Earth.