Balamore Farm’s beef program consists of four different production systems:

  • Backgrounding
  • Finishing
  • Commercial Cows
  • Purebred Cattle

The feedlot holds backgrounding and finishing cattle.

The commercial cows winter in yards and calve in May/June. Those calves are weaned in November and then enter the feedlot.

The purebred herd is made up of the Limousin breed. A herd of Limousin cows are essentially treated the same as the commercial cows except they winter the woods and predominately calve in May/June but a few calves born in September and January.


Wulfs xtractor
TMF Landmark
TMF Kodiak
Romn Justice
Wulf Xcellsior
TMF Westwood
EXLR Matrix 054M
RLF Yardley 601Y
Romn Yippy Ki Yeh

Bull Sale

In the late March an annual bull sale is held where 10-15 bulls that are 22 months old are sold.

Click HERE to view this year’s 2015 catalogue.

What’s New

As of January 2015, we are introducing two new breeds to our program:

  • Charolais
  • Simmental